considering abortion

Maybe your home pregnancy test was positive, and you were not planning on it. It can be scary, and you could be unsure of how your unplanned pregnancy may affect your future.

Abortion is not your only option. If you are unexpectedly pregnant, you have two additional choices: adoption and parenting. 

What You Need to Know About Adoption

Adoption has its physical and emotional challenges. It involves carrying your pregnancy to term and then transferring parental responsibilities.
However, it also comes with flexibility and the confidence that you will provide a bright future for your child. Your adoption plan can look however you want to fit your lifestyle. You decide whether you want a relationship with the adoptive family or to stay in touch with your child. 

The information below summarizes the three adoption plans: 

  • Open Adoption– You have contact with the child and adoptive family. This type of plan makes up the majority of adoptions.
  • Closed Adoption– You do not have contact with the child or adoptive family, and no one can disclose details about you. Your identity stays completely anonymous.
  • Semi-Open Adoption– You communicate through the adoption agency or third party of your choice and exchange non-identifying information with the adoptive parents. 

Many adoptions are open because many women desire to have a relationship with their child, but you can choose the plan that fits you best. Adoptions and adoption consultations in Illinois can be obtained at no cost.

What You Should Know About Parenting

Parenting likely crossed your mind when you learned of your unplanned pregnancy.
If you are open to this idea, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you feel more prepared:

  •  What resources are available to help me care for my child’s needs? 
  • Can I get financial support?
  • Who is my support system? Friends/Family?
  • How would this affect my short and long-term life goals?
  • Is my partner someone I could co-parent with?
  • What would childcare look like?

You do not have to answer all of these today. In fact, parents who are planning for a family often begin asking these questions during pregnancy.

At Waterleaf Women’s Center, we are here to walk beside you and provide support and resources to equip you to make the best pregnancy decision. 

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After learning more about each option, we are here to answer any of your questions.  

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