If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, Waterleaf can provide you a no-cost pregnancy screening, which includes a medical-grade pregnancy confirmation, an ultrasound, and consultation with a licensed medical professional. No matter what decision you plan for your pregnancy, this screening is a vital step to protect your health and safety.

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The ultrasound reveals:

  • The location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy has implanted anywhere outside the uterus you could have an ectopic pregnancy. In this instance, you would be advised to seek immediate medical attention.
  • The gestational age of your pregnancy is determined by measuring the dimensions of the pregnancy. Some abortion procedures are only available at certain stages of pregnancy. Something like the abortion pill could be especially dangerous to a woman who is farther pregnant than she thinks. The ultrasound provides you with an accurate measurement so you can make the best decision for you.
  • The viability of your pregnancy. If a heartbeat cannot be detected, you may be very early or you may naturally miscarry, in which case you would be advised to follow up with your physician.
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