Adoption is often overlooked by women facing unplanned pregnancies. It can give you a chance to take what feels like a crisis, and turn it into a unique opportunity to help another family add a member. At Waterleaf, we are here to answer your questions about adoption and discuss the option with you.

Is adoption right for me?

There is a multitude of reasons you might be considering adoption. If you are not sure where to start processing, here are a few common reasons that women have chosen adoption for their unplanned pregnancy.

  • She wants to focus on school or her career
  • She is not ready to be a parent
  • She is not in a safe or stable situation for a child
  • She wants help with the cost of pregnancy and delivery
  • Parenting and abortion are not the right choices for her

No matter your reason for choosing adoption, it is valid. At Waterleaf, we are here to discuss adoption and if it is right for you.

How does adoption work?

Adoption does not always look the same. Depending on what your desires are, your adoption plan can be adjusted between you and the adoptive family to find a solution that works for all of you.

Open Adoption

Open adoption is an arrangement where you are able to have some sort of contact with the adoptive family and the child. This level of contact can vary between having visitation and regular contact to just having access to your name and contact information. These arrangements can be adjusted to fit your comfort level.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoption does not allow for any contact between you and the adoptive family. This can be the right choice for you if you want to move on from this time in your life. The lack of contact can help those who need that separation.

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