Pregnancy Screening

Pregnancy Screening

A pregnancy screening is your first step after an unplanned pregnancy. At Waterleaf Women’s Center, we offer no-cost pregnancy screening and ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy. Insurance is not required.

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We will provide the education and support you require afterward. At our center, you are not alone. You deserve to know your pregnancy options and gain valuable details about the next steps.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests measure hCG, a hormone found during pregnancy. HCG levels rise rapidly during early pregnancy. Both blood and urine-based tests detect this hormone to determine a positive result.

Why take a pregnancy test at Waterleaf?

Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive to small amounts of hCG than others. The accuracy of a home pregnancy test can also depend on how closely the user followed the instructions. The risk of inaccurate results is minimized when a pregnancy test is administered by a licensed medical professional. An in-clinic test at Waterleaf is a high-sensitivity medical-grade, improving the accuracy.

How does a pregnancy test work at Waterleaf?

Taking a pregnancy test at Waterleaf is simple, confidential, and judgment-free. A licensed nurse will ask you to provide a urine sample, which you can do in a private restroom. We will then use that sample to carry out the test. You will receive your results during your appointment.

I’m Pregnant. What Do I Do Next?

If your pregnancy test is positive, we follow up with an ultrasound for your health and safety. The ultrasound determines three very important things:


LOCATION - If your pregnancy is suspected outside the uterus, you would be advised to seek immediate medical attention.

GESTATIONAL AGE - Your options and next steps can vary depending on how far along you are.

VIABILITY - If a heartbeat cannot be detected, you may naturally miscarry. In this case, you would be advised to follow up with your doctor and avoid an unnecessary procedure like abortion.

We will review your results and options with you. You’ll be able to ask our licensed nurses any questions or concerns you have. We are here to help you.

If you’ve taken a positive pregnancy test or suspect you are pregnant and don’t know what to do, contact Waterleaf today. You are not alone!

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