Resources “Beyond Medical”

Resources “Beyond Medical”

Our work goes beyond pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. Our Aspire Education & Resource Center is here to equip you with the resources and knowledge you need to succeed. Check out our 7 Pillars of Support below to see how Waterleaf can empower you.

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7 Pillars of Support

The counselors and team at Aspire Education & Resource Center are here to provide the tools you need to navigate life. We understand that every person is unique. Our pillars of support cover various stages of life and situations.

Advocacy, Options Counseling, & Health Care Referrals

Compassionate advocacy and guidance, as well as options counseling on parenting, adoption, and abortion, is always available to you. We can refer you to a variety of doctors and medical professionals specific to your needs and location.

Comprehensive Resource Assessment & Planning

Our team works with you to assess your needs and develop a plan for meeting those needs through a robust network of community resources that include assistance with finances, housing, school, employment, food pantries, material goods, and more.


Our team facilitates valuable in-person information on healthy relationships, STDs, birth control, spirituality, and more. Over 200 practical video lessons on a variety of topics that can change your life are also available. These courses are streamed to your preferred device to watch at your convenience. Each course completion earns points which are redeemed for gift cards that you can use for groceries, baby supplies, gas, or whatever you need.


Our licensed counselors provide support for domestic or sexual abuse, suicide prevention, trauma, couples communication, and other emotional concerns.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Whether your loss is due to miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or adoption, our compassionate team of pregnancy loss specialists is here to help you navigate your healing journey.

Male Mentoring

Just for the guy in your life, this program is designed to empower men personally and in their relationships, helping them to confidently help and support you.

Spiritual Growth

Our experienced team will assist you as you seek to advance your individual spiritual journey by connecting you with faith communities, exploring spiritual formation programs, or helping you enhance your prayer practices.

All of our services are free and do not require insurance. We are here to help you with life tools and to help you achieve your goals, all confidentially and judgment-free.

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