Your Next Step

Your Next Step

Unplanned Pregnancy, What Do I Do?

If you’ve taken a positive home pregnancy test, your first step is to obtain a medical-grade pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound appointment.

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All of our services are free, confidential, and don’t require insurance. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, the following steps can help ensure you have the support and information you need.

1. Take the time you need to process this news.

You may find that you need some time to think about your pregnancy. It might have come as a shock, and you do not need to rush into making a decision.

Engage in self-care activities and try to do the things you enjoy. Think about what this means for you and your life. When you feel ready, you can start to think about pregnancy options.

2. Tell your partner (if you feel comfortable doing so).

If you are in a safe, supportive relationship, consider sharing the pregnancy news with your partner. Though they may react with shock or fear, remember that this is also a major change for them. Listen to their thoughts and provide the necessary space to process the news.

Some partners may want to be helpful during this time. Consider whether having your partner at ultrasound appointments and options consultations would be beneficial. Though the pregnancy decision is yours, you may find their guidance useful.

3. Share your news with support persons.

Speaking about the pregnancy with a loved one may give you peace of mind. Having someone in your corner who can attend appointments if your partner cannot do so could give you the reassurance you need.

4. Have an options consultation.

Once you have processed your news, you will want to learn about all your pregnancy options:
abortion, adoption, and parenting. This is a big decision and should not be made lightly.

Your local pregnancy resource center can provide a no-cost and confidential options consultation so that you can receive the information you need in a stress-free environment. Remember, you are in control.

Contact us for safe, confidential help.

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