Women who face unexpected pregnancies deal with a long list of questions. You might not always know the answers, and that is completely okay. You should not be expected to know everything – that’s why it’s so important to have the right support system in place around you. Waterleaf Women’s Center offers women and men a place to have judgment-free counseling and receive answers to all their questions.

Pregnancy Information

Many women who think they may be unexpectedly pregnant need someone they can trust. They need a safe—judgment-free zone—where they can get their questions answered and have their concerns addressed. Our Medical & Pregnancy Consultation can do just that.Woman Considering a Pregnancy Consultation

As a pregnant woman, the last thing you need is to feel pressured, backed against a proverbial wall or talked into something that you do not really know if you want to do.

Following pregnancy testing, an ultrasound is performed for pregnancy confirmation. You will meet one-on-one for a counseling session with a member of our medical team. The team will answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have relating to pregnancy, sex, STD’s, medical referrals, the abortion pill or abortion pill reversal, etc.

You will also meet to discuss abortion (methods, procedures, etc.), adoption and parenting information. Following the counseling conversation, our team will provide connections to available community resources that we believe will be most helpful based on your situational needs.

Women, You are our Top Priority

We want you and every woman to feel stronger and more confident when leaving our center than you did when you came in. We aspire to:

  • Equip you with all the information needed to choose with confidence.
  • Encourage you to do what is best for her and her situation.
  • Empower you to have the control and clarity she needs to make a, sometimes challenging, pregnancy decision.

We’re here to Help

After confirming an untimely pregnancy, a woman needs an unbiased expert as she determines the best route moving forward. Regardless of what you are considering – give us a call. You can receive confidential and no-charge counseling at Waterleaf Women’s Center today.

Transforming fear
into confidence.