Considering Termination and the Importance of the Ultrasound

Considering Termination

“Why should I get an ultrasound if I’m getting an abortion?”  Women facing unplanned pregnancies frequently ask this question. At Waterleaf we help you understand the importance of an ultrasound, especially if you are considering termination. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, abortion can seem like a quick and easy option.  However, it’s important to…

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What Are The Side Effects Of The Abortion Pill?

This girl is wondering about the side effects of the abortion pill.

A medical decision, like abortion, should never be made quickly. It may sound simple. Take a pill and your unplanned pregnancy disappears, but it’s more serious than that. Learn the side effects and risks of the abortion pill before you choose to have an abortion. Before The Procedure There are two types of abortion: medication…

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What Is the Difference Between Plan B and the Abortion Pill?

This woman is considering the difference between plan b and the abortion pill.

When you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, understanding your options can be confusing and overwhelming. What is Plan B?  What about the abortion pill? Is there a difference? Look at these facts about both. Plan B If you have heard commercials about the “morning-after pill”, they are talking about Plan B. According to research, Plan…

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What Is the Abortion Pill?

Here Is a Girl Considering Ordering the Abortion Pill Online.

“Abortion Pill” The “abortion pill” is an abortion method used to end early pregnancies. It is prescribed by a doctor and can be taken during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. After that, the pregnancy is advanced enough that surgical abortion is necessary. If your pregnancy test came back positive and you’re considering an abortion,…

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