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How safe is Abortion Pill Reversal?

How safe is Abortion Pill Reversal?

26 Oct 2021 | General

When faced with an unexpected situation, we often panic and make decisions out of fear or confusion. Did you recently discover you were unexpectedly pregnant? If so, maybe you panicked and immediately chose to have a medical abortion.

Have you changed your mind? If you’ve taken the first drug of the abortion pill method, there may still be time to reverse its effects. Call us immediately to begin the reversal process.

What is the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Process?

Progesterone is necessary for the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus and for maintaining a pregnancy. The first drug in the abortion pill method is used to block progesterone from being absorbed by the uterus. As a result, the fertilized egg can no longer stay implanted.

To reverse the effects of the first abortion drug, APR floods progesterone into a woman’s system. It’s best to start the reversal treatment within the first 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill. However, there have been successful reversals when treatment is started within 72 hours of taking the first drug, so it may not be too late.

Many women report successful pregnancies after effective abortion pill reversal treatment. Statistically, 64 – 68% of pregnancies proceed to term after women choose the reversal protocol. The sooner you start treatment, the higher the possibility of continuing your pregnancy.

How Safe is the APR Process?

Progesterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body but can also be made in a laboratory. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of laboratory-produced progesterone when taken as pills, suppositories, or injections with the advice and care of a healthcare professional. Progesterone has been safely used for women with menstrual cycle irregularities, infertility issues, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Because every procedure comes with certain side effects, it is essential to discuss your unique situation and pregnancy with a healthcare professional before beginning APR. The professionals at Waterleaf are here to answer your questions.

Will My Baby Have a Birth Defect?

 The progesterone used in abortion reversal treatment is the same as progesterone used by physicians during pregnancy for the past fifty years. Research reveals that neither the abortion pill nor progesterone are linked to an increased rate of birth defects.

What if I Want to Reverse My Abortion?

If you have changed your mind about your abortion, do not take the second drug. This drug causes your body to cramp and expel the pregnancy.

If you want to reverse the effects of the first drug, time is critical. Contact the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline at 1-877-558-0333. They are available 24/7 to connect you with a medical professional nearby so you can begin reversing your medical abortion.

You can also contact Waterleaf Women’s Center by calling 630-701-6270 or by text at 630-360-CALM (2256). We are ready to help you. Don’t lose hope. There still may be time!

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