Pregnant in College: What Do I Need to Know?

Pregnant in College: What Do I Need to Know?

Pregnant in College: What Do I Need to Know?

15 Nov 2021 | General

Dorm or sorority life, classes, late-night studying, and roommates are all part of college, but you most likely weren’t planning on being pregnant too. You are most likely scared and have a lot of questions. Understanding your rights and taking care of yourself are important first steps. And, remember, you are not alone. 

What Are Colleges Doing?

Almost 50 years ago, the federal government passed a law called Title IX. It specifically prohibits discrimination based on gender and protects both pregnant and parenting students. You can’t be excluded from any educational program or activity because of your pregnancy or parenting status.

Teachers, administrative staff, admissions counselors, financial aid officers, and athletic coaches can’t discriminate against a pregnant student or new parent. Your teachers must excuse absences and work with you to make up any missed assignments or exams due to pregnancy or childbirth. You can’t lose a university-sponsored scholarship because of your pregnancy either.

What Are You Doing?

Your college has you covered, but what are you doing for yourself? College can be difficult enough without the added stress of pregnancy. 

It is important to remember, no matter what pressure or stress you feel, that you have options when it comes to your pregnancy. No one can force you to make a decision you are not comfortable with. 

You have three options when it comes to your unplanned pregnancy. Parenting, adoption, and abortion all require careful consideration so that you are aware of potential risks, side effects, and long-term consequences.

What Is Waterleaf Doing?

At Waterleaf Women’s Center, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate pregnancy and college. If you are not completely sure you’re pregnant, come to us for free pregnancy testing. If we get a positive result, we will provide a free ultrasound. You will learn if your pregnancy is viable and located in the right place. Ultrasound also gives you an estimated due date to determine which abortion procedures you are eligible for if you are considering this option.

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We are here to give you caring and compassionate support, not judgment. Contact the team at Waterleaf. You can call, text, or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Pregnancy and college? We are here to Help!

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