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What Is the Abortion Pill?

What Is the Abortion Pill?

23 Apr 2020 | Abortion Abortion Pill

“Abortion Pill”

The “abortion pill” is an abortion method used to end early pregnancies. It is prescribed by a doctor and can be taken during the first nine weeks of pregnancy. After that, the pregnancy is advanced enough that surgical abortion is necessary.

If your pregnancy test came back positive and you’re considering an abortion, your next step should be to get an ultrasound. This is required before having an abortion because it reveals vital information about the pregnancy that informs what kind of procedure you can have. We offer ultrasounds free of charge, so please contact us today to schedule yours.

Abortion Pill(s)

The abortion pill is a series of two pills taken to cause fetal demise and then expel the pregnancy. The first pill is often taken at the doctor’s office or abortion clinic. It causes your body’s production of progesterone to slow and then stop, which prevents the pregnancy from growing. The second pill is taken at least 24 hours later (typically at home). It causes your body to expel the pregnancy by causing contractions. You’ll feel cramping and may experience bleeding, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and dizziness while passing the pregnancy.

Abortion Pill Risks

Abortion is a serious medical procedure, and like all medical procedures, it comes with the possibility of risks and side effects. Here are some you may experience if you take the abortion pill.

Unsuccessful abortion

While rare, sometimes a medication abortion is unsuccessful. In this case, it might be too late for you to try another medication abortion, and you’ll need to have a surgical abortion.


It’s possible to develop infections as a result of your body responding poorly to the medication or for prolonged bleeding and blood clots. It’s important to check in with your doctor if you’re experiencing any of the abortion side effects for longer than two weeks.

Blood Clots

A final risk of abortion is the risk of blood clots in your uterus. Again, if left unnoticed and unexamined, this can pose serious health risks in general now and down the road.

Is the Abortion Pill Legal?

The abortion pill is legal, but only when prescribed by doctors in person at a clinic or hospital. Many women try to purchase it online, but this is discouraged (and illegal in most states) for many reasons:

Dangerous Sources

The sources for these abortion pills can be questionable. They are not always clearly stated on the website and could come from countries other than the U.S., where the health standards are more lax.

Dangerous Contents

Much remains to be studied when it comes to ordering the abortion pill online, but the contents of such pills are questionable. The drugs prescribed may be incorrect and in the incorrect dosages.

Dangerous Timing

As mentioned above, when you take the abortion pill matters. This is why it’s critical to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion procedure. The pill could arrive too late and thus be ineffective. This means you’ll incur more costs for your abortion. Taking the abortion pill too late in your pregnancy can not only be ineffective but also dangerous for your health.

These are just some of the many reasons the FDA prohibits the purchase of the abortion pill online and requires doctors to prescribe the medication in person.

Is it recommended by doctors?

The abortion pill is a serious medication with potentially life-altering consequences. It has been approved for distribution and prescription in the United States by the FDA, but only under closer supervision from doctors.

Doctors do recommend it as an effective way to end a pregnancy, but only in the first nine weeks of pregnancy.

Schedule a Free Ultrasound

If you are considering an abortion but aren’t sure how far along you are, contact us today to schedule a free ultrasound. This will provide valuable information you need to make a fully-informed decision, and we can provide education on all of your options, so you are aware of all the choices you have.

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