I’m Being Pressured to Abort

I’m Being Pressured to Abort

02 Aug 2023 | General

If you are feeling unwanted pressure from your boyfriend, husband, or partner to have an abortion, you may wonder how best to proceed. High pressure to abort, especially from someone close to you, is often very stressful. Following are some tips to consider to help you navigate your situation to make the best decision for yourself.

Obtain a pregnancy test and ultrasound even when pressured to abort

If you’ve taken a positive home pregnancy test, it is important to receive an in-clinic pregnancy test for confirmation. At Waterleaf, we can provide a medical-grade pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy at no cost. Even if you feel pressure to abort, an ultrasound is a crucial next step. The ultrasound reveals:

  • The location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy has implanted anywhere outside the uterus you could have an ectopic pregnancy. In this instance, you would be advised to seek immediate medical attention. If you were considering the abortion pill, the FDA specifically says the abortion pill “will not be effective to terminate an ectopic pregnancy.”
  • The gestational age is determined by measuring the dimensions of the pregnancy. This is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, the abortion pill can be dangerous to you if your pregnancy is farther along than you may think. The FDA approves of the abortion pill up to 70 days (10 weeks). Abortion pill risks such as uterine rupture increase the farther along you are in your pregnancy. There are abortion restrictions after certain gestational ages in many states. WebMD has a fetal development timeline that can inform you and your partner about your stage of development. The ultrasound provides you with an accurate gestational age so you can make the best decision for you.
  • The viability of your pregnancy. An undetected heartbeat may indicate you may naturally miscarry. In this case, the recommendation is to follow up with your physician, and you would avoid an unnecessary abortion procedure.

Abortion Risks

As with any surgical or medical procedure, there are risks and potential side effects of abortion. Whomever is pressuring you to abort should know the facts. For example:

  • Having an abortion without knowing your blood’s “Rh factor” could jeopardize future pregnancies.
  • Many studies document psychological issues following abortion, including grief for male partners even many years later. One study says pressure to abort is a “Significant abortion-related predictor” of “adverse” psychological difficulties.
  • Studies show abortion increases risk of having a premature delivery in the future.
  • Many peer-reviewed and published medical studies describe a link between induced abortion and increased risk of breast cancer.

Next Steps

You have the right to make an informed decision best for yourself. Waterleaf can provide you with a no-cost pregnancy test and ultrasound to equip you to make that decision. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a licensed medical professional to address your concerns. If resources such as finances, schooling, finding a health care provider, or need for male mentoring are a concern, we can connect you with a variety of local resources to help you in your journey.

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