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Should I Get a Free Pregnancy Test at a Clinic Near Me?

Should I Get a Free Pregnancy Test at a Clinic Near Me?

14 Mar 2024 | Pregnancy Test

If you suspect you are pregnant, you may have taken a home pregnancy test and wondering what should be your next step. The following article describes the benefits of getting a free pregnancy test at a clinic near you.


When a woman’s fertilized egg implants in her uterus, her body will form what is called the placenta. The placenta then produces the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). hCG facilitates blood supply, regulates immunity, and stimulates the production of other hormones like progesterone and estrogen that sustain a pregnancy.

hCG is detectable in the urine around 10-11 days after fertilization. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of the hormone to determine whether you are pregnant.


Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive to small amounts of hCG than others. The accuracy of a home pregnancy test can depend on how closely the user followed the instructions. The risk of inaccurate results is minimized when a pregnancy test is administered by a licensed medical professional. An in-clinic test at Waterleaf is of high sensitivity, improving the accuracy.


Obviously, a home pregnancy test doesn’t come with an ultrasound, which provides important pregnancy confirmation information. At Waterleaf, we perform a no-cost, same-day ultrasound if your pregnancy test is positive. The ultrasound empowers you with crucial information, no matter what you are planning for your pregnancy.

The ultrasound reveals:

  • The location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy has implanted anywhere outside the uterus you could have an ectopic pregnancy. In this instance, you would be advised to seek immediate medical attention. If you were considering the abortion pill, the FDA specifically says the abortion pill “will not be effective to terminate an ectopic pregnancy.”
  • The gestational age is determined by measuring the dimensions of the pregnancy. This information is important to help you plan things like vitamin intake or prenatal care if you plan to parent. If you are considering abortion, knowing the gestational age is critical. Some states have abortion limits after a certain gestational age. The abortion pill can be dangerous to you if your pregnancy is farther along than you may think. The FDA approves the abortion pill up to 70 days (10 weeks). Abortion pill risks such as uterine rupture increase the farther along you are in your pregnancy. The ultrasound provides you with an accurate gestational age so you can make the best decision for you.
  • The viability of your pregnancy. If a heartbeat cannot be detected, it is possible you may naturally miscarry. In this case, you would be advised to follow up with your physician, and you would avoid an unnecessary abortion procedure.


You deserve accurate medical information about your pregnancy. Waterleaf can provide a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound at no cost to you. At your appointment, our licensed medical professionals will address your questions and concerns in a judgement-free environment. Make your appointment today! Call or text us confidentially today at 630-360-2256 or visit our website.

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