What Can Guys Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy?

What Can Guys Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy?

15 Apr 2023 | General

Finding out your partner is unexpectedly pregnant is life-changing. You might feel out of control and helpless, and that is normal. 

Stay Calm

This can be a difficult first step when you weren’t planning to get pregnant, but don’t panic. You and your partner are both experiencing heightened emotions that can easily lead to misunderstandings and disagreements. Try to remember that this season will pass. Life will change, but you will develop the strength you need to change with it.

Be Supportive

If you are feeling out of control, imagine how your partner feels! In addition to trying to work through her feelings about the pregnancy, she might be experiencing pregnancy hormones causing struggles in her day-to-day life. Increased hormones in her body might be causing her to experience nausea, fatigue, and mood swings, among other symptoms. Here are some tips to help you offer her support:

  • Practice listening to her. Offer her a safe space to share her feelings without fear of how you will respond.
  • Accompany her to her appointments.
  • Offer help with her usual tasks that might feel overwhelming for her.

Don’t Pressure Her

Work together to discuss the options for the outcome of the pregnancy,. Do not attempt to pressure her directly through threats or force or indirectly through manipulation. Pressuring her can create a rift in your relationship and cause her to make a decision that she might not feel confident about.

Make sure she knows you are open to having a conversation. Studies show how valuable partner support is to a pregnant woman and her pregnancy health. 

Learn About Options

Be informed about the options for the outcome of the pregnancy. Check out our past blog articles for valuable information on ultrasounds, risks, options, and more. Ready yourself to have a conversation about her choices when your partner is ready. Be prepared to share your opinions in an understanding and compassionate way. 

Want to Learn About Pregnancy Options?

Contact us to schedule a no-cost appointment or call/text confidentially at 630-360-2256. We offer free screening services and can provide you with information about all of your partner’s pregnancy options.

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