Is Abortion or Adoption Right For Me?

A young woman wonering if abortion or adoption is right for her.

Whether you’re young and single, or older and married with children, an unplanned pregnancy can be devastating. You might be wondering where you will get the money or time to care for this child. You have plans, and parenting isn’t one of them at this time.  You may be weighing the option of having an…

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How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

woman who wants to know how pregnancy tests work.

A missed period. Fatigue. Sore, tender breasts. Moodiness. Could you be pregnant? If you’ve been frantically searching pregnancy symptoms on the internet, it’s time to answer your questions with a pregnancy test. But as you peruse the test options at your local drug store, you may be wondering, “How do pregnancy tests work?” How do…

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Recognizing the Signs of An Abusive Partner

Maybe you didn’t see the abuse sneaking into your relationship and are now unsure how to handle the beginning of abuse. Many men and women enter into a relationship with good intentions and may not recognize the warning signs at the beginning. Abuse is not something that begins overnight but usually builds up over time. …

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I’m Pregnant and Not Ready to Become a Parent

woman who is pregnant and not ready to become a parent

You just found out you’re pregnant, but being a parent at this stage of your life is not in your plans. It’s important to remember even though you might not feel ready to be a mom, you are capable of more than you could ever imagine.  With the endless support, education, and resources available to…

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Before You Order the Abortion Pill Online

Here is a woman wondering about an abortion pill?

Deciding what to do with an unplanned pregnancy is never easy. It can be a challenge to know what steps to take so you can make an informed choice for you and your future. If you’re considering ordering the abortion pill online, here are a few crucial steps to take before clicking “purchase”:  Get an ultrasound…

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What Are The Risks of Ordering The Abortion Pill Online?

Information is key when it comes to making a choice for your pregnancy. Waterleaf Women’s Center is passionate about providing women the information they need to make a safe and empowered choice for themselves and their futures. If you’re considering ordering the abortion pill online, here are a few key facts to consider. Medication should…

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My Partner Wants an Abortion

My Partner Wants an Abortion, What do I do? An unintended pregnancy can mean two different things to two different people. To some, it is a happy and welcome surprise. To others, being unexpectedly pregnant can be frightening. No matter what, suddenly discovering you are pregnant is a shock to everyone involved. You now have…

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How Do I Tell My Parents I am Pregnant?

How do you tell your parents you are pregnant? An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if you are still living at home. No matter how close you are to your parents, the thought of telling them is scary. Before you do anything, stop and breathe. Although it may seem like the end of the…

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Things Needed Prior to An Abortion

What do I do now? You may be facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. It is normal to have questions about this option. Are you wondering about the safety of the process and if this is the right option for you?  Abortion is a very serious procedure that can have emotional and physical side…

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Considering Termination and the Importance of the Ultrasound

Considering Termination

“Why should I get an ultrasound if I’m getting an abortion?”  Women facing unplanned pregnancies frequently ask this question. At Waterleaf we help you understand the importance of an ultrasound, especially if you are considering termination. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, abortion can seem like a quick and easy option.  However, it’s important to…

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