Can the abortion pill be reversed?

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, some women choose a chemical abortion, often known as the abortion pill. This pill is designed to terminate and expel a pregnancy over a span of a few days. Many women who have changed their mind after beginning the abortion pill process have experienced success with Abortion Pill Reversal.

How does Abortion Pill Reversal work?

The first thing to understand about the abortion pill is it is actually a series of two drugs. The first drug is mifepristone, which obstructs the hormone progesterone, which is naturally produced in the woman to nourish a pregnancy. Without progesterone, the pregnancy will terminate.

The second drug taken as part of the abortion pill process is misoprostol, which induces cramping and contractions to expel the terminated pregnancy.
If a woman has taken mifepristone and changes her mind, the effects can be reversed. In the Abortion Pill Reversal process, the woman is administered progesterone to counteract the effects of Mifepristone so that the pregnancy continues to receive the nourishment needed to continue.

How effective is Abortion Pill Reversal?

The Abortion Pill Reversal treatment is most effective if started within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill, mifepristone. However, pregnancies have successfully continued after 72 hours of taking the first pill. Patients who have attempted Abortion Pill Reversal treatment have shown success rates up to 68%.

The research also reveals that neither mifepristone nor progesterone appear to cause birth defects. The progesterone used in Abortion Pill Reversal treatment is the same as progesterone used by physicians during pregnancy for the past fifty years.

I’ve taken the Abortion Pill and changed my mind. What is my next step?

If you’ve changed your mind about your pregnancy, or even if you’re just unsure about continuing the abortion process, your first step is: Do not take the second abortion pill medication, misoprostol. Even if the clinic who provided you with the abortion pills told you that you must take the second pills, do not take them if you are unsure. Misoprostol induces bleeding and cramping, causing your body to expel the pregnancy. Your next step is to contact Waterleaf or the Abortion Pill Rescue hotline right away. They will help you at no cost, providing information about the abortion pill, the Abortion Pill Reversal process, and your options.

  • Waterleaf – call or text 630-360-2256. All correspondence is completely confidential.
  • or call the Abortion Pill Rescue hotline at 877-558-0333 for a medical provider in your area.
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