My Birth Control Failed: What Do I Do?

Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms even after you used birth control? Maybe you’ve taken a pregnancy test and are seeing the two pink lines. 

You might feel confused, frightened, or overwhelmed but it’s important to take a breath. We understand having an unplanned pregnancy is scary. You do not have to have the answers right away. 

Following are several steps you can take to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Schedule a Pregnancy Test and Ultrasound

While a home pregnancy test is typically reliable, a lab-quality pregnancy test can give you medical assurance. If your pregnancy test is positive, it is crucial to obtain an ultrasound, no matter what decision you are considering for your pregnancy.  The ultrasound reveals the following important information:

  • The location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy has implanted anywhere outside the uterus you could have an  ectopic pregnancy. In this instance, you would be advised to seek immediate medical attention.
  • The gestational age. This is determined by measuring the dimensions of the pregnancy. Gestational age is an important factor in your decision-making process.
  • The viability of your pregnancy. If a heartbeat cannot be detected, it is possible you may naturally miscarry. In this case, you would be advised to follow up with your physician. 

At Waterleaf Women’s Center, we offer no-cost pregnancy testing, pregnancy screening and options counseling. The pregnancy screening includes a medical-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound. Options counseling gives you an opportunity to consider how you will move forward.

Make an Informed Decision

At your appointment at Waterleaf, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered by a licensed medical professional. Our goal is to provide you with confidential, judgment-free service so you can make the best decision for yourself. 

We are here to listen and help you through this. Contact us today or call/text 630-360-2256 confidentially to schedule your appointment. You are not alone!

Transforming fear
into confidence.